Dohyun Ahn (안도현)


Dept. of Journalism & Public Relations (Chair)

Graduate Sch. of Data Science for Sustainable Growth (Joint Appointment)

Jeju National University |

Education & Professional Experiences

Ph.D. ,  University of Alabama,  Media Psychology

M.S.,  Colorado State University, Technical Communication & Mass Media

Reporter, Korea Economic Daily 

B.A., Seoul National University, Eastern Asia History 


Korean Journal of Journalism and Communication Studies(한국언론학보), Editor in Chief (2022.10 ~ 2025.9)

Journal of Communication Research(언론정보학보), Editorial Board Member (2021 ~  2022)  

KBS Broadcasting Culture Research(KBS방송문화연구), Editorial Board Member (2021 ~ 2022 ) 

Journal of Public Relations(홍보학연구), Editorial Board Member (2021 ~ 2022 ) 

Korea Health Promotion Institute(한국건강증진원), Advisor (Anti-smoking policy) (2020 ~ 2022)

Ministry of Health and Welfare(보건복지부), Advisor (Preventing excessive alcohol use) (2021 ~ 2023)

Korea Health Communication Association, President (2021)

Korea R User Society, Member (2021 ~ )

Computers in Human Behavior, Ad hoc reviewer



Understanding Communication

Data Communication

Artificial Intelligence and Communication

Data Analyses and Statistical Inference

Text Mining and Media

Capstone Design


Media Psychology

Communication for Health, Risk, Environment, and Science 

Media Quality Measurement

Social Science Programming

Text Mining

Web books

Ahn, D. (in progress). Social Science Programming.

Ahn, D. (in progress). Textmining with R.

Ahn, D. (Ed.) (2021). Quality measurement for solution-oriented health report


안도현 (2023) 전치인가 증강인가? 미디어이용과 안녕감 및 불안녕감  사이의 차별적 비선형 관계와 대면소통의 제한적 매개 (Displacement or Augmentation? Differential Non-linear Associations of Media Uses with Well-being and Ill-being, and Limited Mediation of Face-to-face Communication). 미디어 경제와 문화, 21(1), 49-94.

안도현 (2023) 이론기반 텍스트마이닝의 방법과 절차: 비지도 및 준지도 토픽모델링을 이용한 감염병보도에 대한 컴퓨터보조내용분석(Theory-driven Textmining Methodological Frameworks: Computer-assisted Content Analysis of Infectious Disease News Report Using Unsupervised and Semisupervised Topic Modeling). 조사연구, 24(1), 113-154.

안도현 (2021). 위험-기회 모형과 성공적인 방역소통의 조건(Risk-opportunity model and the condition for successful communication of preventing pandemics). 한국PR학회(편), 팬데믹시대 감염병대응을 위한 사회적소통과 공공PR (pp. 200- 234), 지금. 

Ahn, D. (2021). On the Heterogeneous Nature of Social and Physical Domains, Ignorance of Ignorance, and Rift Among Academic Community: A Commentary on Kim (2020). Asian Communication Research, 18(2), 110-117. 

안도현 (2021). 유령위험과 무시된 위해: 위험의 개념화와 유형화(Phantom Risk and Ignored Hazard: Definition and Typology of Risk). 언론정보연구, 58(2), 5-65. 

Song, H., Kim, T., Kim, J., Ahn, D., & Kang, Y. (2021). Effectiveness of VR crane training with head-mounted display: Double mediation of presence and perceived usefulness. Automation in Construction, 122, 103506. 

안도현 (2020). 인공지능은 사회적 존재인가?(Is Artificial Intelligence Social Being?). 언론정보연구, 57(3), 155-195. 

안도현 (2019). 이야기는 사회인지능력을 향상시키는가? 작업기억과 관점채택 능력과의 관계(Does Story Enhance Social Cognitive Ability? Associations between Working Memory and Perspective Taking Ability). 한국콘텐츠학회논문지, 19(9), 101-111. 

김선경, & 안도현 (2019). 직무스트레스 및 직무만족과 소진 하위 유형의 분리적 관련성(Divergent Associations of the Job Stress, the Job Satisfaction, and Burnout Subtypes). 스트레스硏究, 27(1), 9-16. [Corresponding Author]

안도현 (2017). 이야기의 단기적 이용이 타인초점 주의 방향에 미치는 영향(Influence of Short-term Use of Story on Other-focused Attention). 한국콘텐츠학회논문지, 17(12), 169-179. 

Ahn, D. (2017). Influence of Role-playing Games on the Perception of Self. Asian Communication Research, 14(2), 100-121. 

김선경, & 안도현 (2017). 초등교사 소진 하위 요인의 분리적 관련성: 학생의 문제행동과 교장의 변혁적 리더십(Divergent Associations of Students Problematic Behaviors and Headmasters Transformational Leadership with Burnout Subtypes among Korean Elementary School Teachers). 아시아교육연구 , 18. [Corresponding Author]

조이영, & 안도현 (2016). 국내 뉴스 보도 연구 동향에 관한 주제어 연결망 분석(Examining News Report Research Trends Using Keyword Network Analyses). 한국콘텐츠학회논문지, 16(8), 278-291. [Corresponding Author]

Ahn, D., & Shin, D. H. (2016). Observers versus agents: Divergent associations of video versus game use with empathy and social connectedness. Information Technology & People, 29(3), 474-495

Ahn, D., & Shin, D. H. (2015). Differential effect of excitement versus contentment, and excitement versus relaxation: Examining the influence of positive affects on adoption of new technology with a Korean sample. Computers in Human Behavior, 50, 283-290. 

Rempala, D. M., Tolman, R. T., Okdie, B. M., & Ahn, D. (2014). Gender‐role egalitarianism predicts desirable traits of potential marriage partners: A cross‐cultural comparison. Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 17(4), 325-330. 

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